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The Echo

The Echo (Conway, AR), The Unviersity of Central Arkansas' student newspaper since 1901.



“Brother Ross” Preaches Controversial Christianity, Causes Stir Among Students

Traveling preachers proclaiming unconventional lessons on the Ferguson Memorial Chapel steps wasn't new, but UCA Police presence was.

Student Arrested for Threatening Yik Yak Posts

UCA Police arrest a freshman student after he creates two social media posts urging people to stay away from campus on a specific day.

City Council Approves Anti-Descrimination Rule

Members of Conway's city council approved an expansion to the city's nondiscrimination policy after hearing hours of public input from community members and local politicians.



Frank Benton is Batman

Benton said his parents offered to give him a car soon after graduating high school. Instead, he asked for a Batman costume.

Transgender Students Share Journeys to Identity

Jude Depew and Victoria Blackburn share their stories of growing up and attending UCA as transgender man and woman.