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Media Matters For America (Washington, DC): Nation's leading progressive media watchdog organization focused on compiling research to debunk right-wing misinformation.

Gateway Pundit Threw A Gala For The "Alt-Right" And We Were There

On April 29, about a mile away from the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, a little over a hundred members of a group who dubiously brand themselves as purveyors of the “real news” gathered in a downtown Washington cigar lounge to revel in their success. And the success is not insignificant - leveraging social media audiences to manufacture controversies and troll, they are now providing for their followers an increasingly expanding alternative to what they see as a hopelessly biased press.

A Look At The Incestuous Alternative-Media Echo Chamber Winning Over Online Audiences

On the coattails of President Donald Trump’s successful election campaign and an anti-"political correctness" wave, an alternative right-wing media echo chamber successfully reverberated itself into virtual relevance on social media, where it now reaches millions of people every day.

The “New Right,” Brought To You By Former Allies Of The “Alt-Right”

Alt-right media personalities are looking to re-brand themselves as "new right." There's only one problem: It's total bullshit.

How A Fox Affiliate And Contributor Fueled Fringe Conspiracy Theories About Murdered DNC Staffer

A Washington, D.C., Fox News affiliate’s shoddy reporting purposefully validated right-wing conspiracy theories about the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich when the station published unproven claims that Rich directly communicated with WikiLeaks regarding the leaked committee emails published on that site.

How Facebook’s Fake News Ecosystem Empowers Total Lies

Facebook never set out to be a hotbed of bogus conspiracy theories. But its information ecosystem and news feed algorithm proved ripe for bad actors, and purveyors of fake news have gamed the system to deceive and misinform the public -- with incredibly dangerous consequences.

Vice Presidential Debate Shows What Happens When Moderators Don’t Fact-Check

Moderator Elaine Quijano failed to fact-check Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence during the vice presidential debate, enabling him to freely lie about positions advocated by his running mate, Donald Trump, with no repercussions or corrections, highlighting the necessity of moderator fact checks.

Right-Wing Media Fearmonger Over Washington State’s New LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum

Conservative media are fearmongering over Washington state public schools’ new LGBT-inclusive education standards that aim to teach students “the importance of treating others with respect regarding gender identity.” Outlets are reporting that the state will soon begin to “teach transgenderism to kindergartners” and suggesting that Washington is promoting transgender “recruitment.” But education professionals and advocacy groups say students benefit from learning about gender identity at an early age.

An Extensive Guide To The Fact Checks, Debunks, And Criticisms Of Trump’s Various Problematic Policy Proposals

Over the course of the 2016 presidential primary, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has laid forth a series of problematic policy proposals and statements -- ranging from his plan to ban Muslims from entering the United States to his suggestion that the United States default on debt -- that media have warned to be “dangerous,” “fact-free,” “unconstitutional,” “contradictory,” “racist,” and “xenophobic.” Media Matters compiled an extensive list of Trump’s widely panned policy plans thus far along with the debunks and criticism from media figures, experts and fact-checkers that go along with them.

Distraught At Cruz Campaign, Cruz Surrogate Steve Deace Threatens To "Eunuch" Himself

Radio host Steve Deace may be one of Ted Cruz's biggest supporters. But after Cruz's third place finish in South Carolina, the Iowa-based radio host has seemingly had enough with his candidate of choice's performance.

Las Vegas Review-Journal Advocates For Harmful Food Stamp Policy

A February 18 editorial by the Las Vegas Review-Journal encouraged Nevada and other states to replicate Maine's food assistance program work requirements. But reports find the requirements could hurt many of the state's most vulnerable people.